Varselor is the first of its kind Enterprise Technology Platform that facilitates organizations to manage the complete process of technology selection, procurement, deployment, and management, all enabled through one single platform. 


Here is how we are different from other platforms: 

  1. We are a highly curated one-stop platform for all technology sourcing needs. Products and services range from Enterprise Technology solutions from local and global vendors, services from top Systems Integrators, and Independent Consultants across the globe all through one platform. 
  2. The platform enables digital transformation in its real sense and helps organizations improve performance, optimize costs, reduce overlap & wastage, mitigate risks, and drive innovation. 
  3. Our "High Touch" business model gives a personalized customer experience through world-class Technology Advisors from 40 industries and an average of 20 years of hands-on technology experience.
  4. We offer dispute resolution and project assurance services to mitigate project risks and ensure investment security.
  5. Through the platform, clients get high-quality solutions and services. In addition to that, the platform offers price flexibility, security, and, most importantly, great value for the money.