We encourage Service providers and clients to work together to try and resolve any disagreements. In most cases, issues can be easily resolved with some good communication and have seen that 70% of Disputes are resolved before our Dispute Team involvement.

Under Varselor Fixed Price protection, disputes enter a mediation process with a Varselor dispute specialist. 

Users can usually come to an agreement among themselves, but if the parties are unable to agree in a reasonable period of time, the dispute specialist will make a non-binding recommendation. If that recommendation is rejected, the final option is to proceed to arbitration. 

Dispute assistance Framework:

Dispute Assistance is only available (i) after the initial funding of the milestone associated with the Fixed-Price Service Contract only, and (ii) prior to the Dispute Assistance Deadline. Dispute Assistance is not available to either the Vendor or the Client via the Site after the Dispute Assistance Deadline.

Non-binding assistance:


Varselor will first attempt to assist Client and Vendor by reviewing the Dispute and proposing a mutual, non-binding resolution.

  • The Varselor Disputes team will notify Client and Vendor via ticket by providing a notice of dispute along with a request for information and supporting documentation (if any).
  • If both Client and vendor respond to the notice and request for information, then the Disputes team will review the documentation submitted and any information available on the Site that pertains to the Dispute. After review, the Disputes team will propose a mutual, non-binding resolution based on the results of the review.
  • The proposed resolution is non-binding; Client and Vendor can choose whether or not to agree to it. If Client and Vendor agree in writing to the proposed resolution that Varselor is authorized and irrevocably instructed to immediately release funds in the milestone in accordance with the proposed resolution.
  • If Client or Freelancer rejects Varselor proposed, non-binding resolution, they may proceed to Arbitration. If Client and Vendor do not choose to arbitrate, Vendor and Client agree that Varselor is authorized and irrevocably instructed to immediately release to Client all funds held in the milestone.