We offer two types of payment options for Advisory services, i.e., hourly or fixed-price.

  1. With hourly projects, you would be required to maintain daily timesheets through our timesheet system. Clients will be billed at the end of each week for the services delivered by you. The client will review and approve your timesheets within 72 hours of submission. Once approved, Varselor will charge the client's registered billing method and release the corresponding payments to you after deducting our fees. 

  1. On fixed-price projects, you have the option of dividing a large project into agreed-upon milestones. Before each milestone begins, the client will fund that portion of the project. Upon completing each milestone, the client will review the work delivered and release the corresponding payments to Varselor. We will, in turn, release the payments due to you after deducting our fees. 

Fixed costs, hourly rates & duration of the project are all decided by you based on your interaction with the client. 

We charge a 30% flat fee on each transaction completed through the platform.

We also offer you a bonus of 5% of the total project billing upon successful project delivery and signoff from the client.  

We also offer our CTAs an opportunity to earn extra money by getting involved in the dispute resolution process for any project related disputes that might arise between clients and vendors. For you to become a dispute resolution agent, you must have proven experience in project management and project recovery, specifically for enterprise clients.