CTA selection criteria is very similar to that of a full time position.  

Here is a summary of the evaluation process: 

  1. Register! You have to be registered on varselor.com to acquire clients, but don't worry; it only takes a few minutes and costs nothing. Here is a link https://varselor.com/vendor-registration/ to register in case you haven't already. First, you need to register as an Independent Consultant. Once your profile is approved, we will internally upgrade your profile as a Varselor CTA. 

  1. Create a compelling profile: Your profile is your shopfront and key to setting the right first impression with the Varselor Talent Specialist and prospective clients, so it is worth making a bit of effort so that it sells your expertise. Your experience highlighting your past work is particularly important. 

  1. Interview process: Your profile, once submitted, will be reviewed by a Varselor Talent specialist who will either approve your account or further invite you for an interview. 

Less than 5% of candidates who apply for the CTA role get selected. So don't be disheartened if, for any reason, your profile does not get selected. You may continue to bid on projects and acquire clients as an independent consultant. 

  1. Contract signing: Before we begin, it's essential to get all the paperwork sorted out. We will have the necessary documents emailed to you for your acceptance. Your CTA account will be live on the platform once you sign the contract and the necessary paperwork. 

  1. Onboarding Session: The last step in the process is an onboarding session that includes:
  • An Overview of Varselor, the platform, and the essential processes 
  • Introduction to Key team members 
  •  Do's and Don'ts of client interactions.
  • A framework to create proposals for advisory services

Post the onboarding session is when the fun begins; this is when you start interacting with clients and advising them.