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Why Are Companies Moving to Cloud ERP?

During the time ERP first emerged, it claimed the market with a tremendous promise – as the single source of truth. Soon it housed all the business data, merging data from different departments within the business. It cleared the pathway for better communication, enhanced information flow and streamlined processes. 

Cloud ERP has transformed traditional ERP further through rapid implementation, greater accessibility, improved productivity, and smarter governance. For organizations already aware of the massive advantages of ERP, cloud ERP is a natural next step.

However, there are a few challenges. Many companies use legacy systems that they cannot move away from. And this may be so for a number of reasons: (a) They are heavily invested. (b) These systems provide them with a strategic advantage that is not quite available with other systems. (c) There is a technology barrier that inhibits the move to Cloud.  

For these organizations, RPA offers a unique opportunity to overcome challenges and take a leap forward.