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When and why to invest in Business Intelligence?

It is a typical situation for a growing organization – your in-house consultant has been pitching for BI from day one, but you’ve been too involved with all other issues. Fixing things. Improving things. And putting things together. We are NOT here to judge. Rather, we are here to shed light on ‘Business Intelligence’ as a technological solution to all your woes, and to tell you that if you are not BI-ready, you are definitely missing out!

The Time is Now!

Instead of the manual checks and balances, a simple spreadsheet-based logic could help you manage your resources. Or better still a BI platform that ‘talks’ to your database and intelligently ‘reports’ to your staff. A more sophisticated version of BI can even predict the type of resources you would require in 2020, based on your annual results as well as that of your competitors. 

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?! 

Pro Tip: If your organization is relatively young, it would be a perfect time to consider a BI solution!

A Full-fledged BI Implementation

A full-fledged BI implementation requires thorough and prior planning. And we would suggest that you take on a partner for this purpose. A consulting partner will have the know-how to organize and plan the scope of the BI implementation. This includes taking an account of the various resources your firm employs, the processes and the flow of information, the technology stack and legacy systems, the personnel and their skills as well as your company culture. A systematic change management plan that works in tandem with a robust BI implementation plan, will then be advised. And you can take a pick of the available ready-to-implement solutions, that ask for minimum customization, a lean budget and a controlled disruption of your work processes. There is a spectrum of BI solutions available in the market now, from the plug-and-play variety to the self-service, to the more intense, enterprise-wide solutions. 

Pro Tip: Partnering with a BI consulting firm will help you navigate implementation pit-holes and deploy a perfectly tailored solution!

Experiment and Upgrade

The huge demand for the BI advantage by all types of firms and the evolution of technology itself has reduced the costs of purchasing and implementing BI considerably.  Plus, most brands offer trials of solutions that are economical, beyond being impactful. Further, the ‘Cloud’ race has pushed organizations to make BI solutions available through their cloud platforms on-demand. This makes trying out various outfits for outrageously convenient rates before venturing into a more permanent commitment a possibility. 

Pro Tip: Get your hands dirty. Try out the BI solutions on offer. Engage. Experiment. And don’t be afraid to scale or upgrade!