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Understand the Remote Work Basics

How do remote employees communicate?

Remote workers can use a range of communication options, such as Slack or Zoom. It depends on the size of the organization. In some settings, chat and voice calls could suffice, while in others, they may require video conferencing for dozens of team members. 

How would you overcome communication challenges on a remote team?

It depends on the challenge. In most cases, choosing the right tool for the team should be enough. Team members also need to follow online etiquette, ensure reliable internet connectivity, as well as adequate hardware (headsets and webcams). 

How can remote workers improve communication?

This often boils down to the way they communicate rather than the tools they use. It’s important to strike a good balance between formal and casual communication. Even dedicated professionals enjoy office chitchat, as it helps build personal bonds. 

What does remote collaboration mean?

Remote collaboration involves multiple people working on a single project, whether it’s code on GitHub, a Google Doc, or a design in the Adobe cloud. 

How do you collaborate with a remote colleague?

By using reliable collaboration and communication tools and techniques. Collaborative software has matured to the point that working with a remote colleague can be quite similar to on-site collaboration. You are likely to use similar services as you would with regular work, with some added online communication.